I was always drawn to theories that can explain complex things with only few assuptions. With horseback riding it was the method of Jean D’Orgeix, with economy it was the Austrian School of Economics and with technical analysis it was the Elliott Wave Principle. Scala programming language is for me just another thing that follows this pattern. It’s a very consistent language that allows you to express complex things with only few basic rules. It gives you flexibility, conciseness and freedom that might only seem compilacted at first, but become your second nature with time and you just can’t live without it anymore.

I started with Scala in 2011. Since then I’ve read a few books, written few apps and learned a lot from blogs and discussion groups. The purpose of this blog is for me to organize some of my knowledge, present my thoughts on topics concerning Scala and to give back to Scala community. It will be very cool if you’ll find something interesting here.

Contact Me

My name is Jakub Czuchnowski.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Gihub.